Outer Banks Extreme Infrared

We had very bright weather at the Outer Banks of North Carolina that started an hour after sunrise. This made for a good chance to photograph the patterns cast by the fences used to protect the dunes from erosion. I had to look for an interesting pattern that didn’t have too many of the grasses that are … [Read more…]

Outer Banks Infrared

I have been to this area of the Outer Banks many times. This year the weather was too overcast or too bright for color photography to be very compelling, so I decided to get out my infrared camera. Infrared cameras render the foliage white and bring out texture in foliage, clouds and reflections. I like it because … [Read more…]

Outer Banks Sunrise

We spend a week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina in late May with 14-18 members of my extended family. We go the week before rental rates go up to summer pricing. I like to get up early and walk on the beach when few people are around. There is no pier in this area to add … [Read more…]

Calla Lily Trio

I revisited the Calla Lilies at the conservatory and found this friendly trio. This was in an area of pots full of Calla Lilies and I darkened the background to eliminate the clutter and fully highlight these beauties.

Tree Peony

  Peonies are one of my favorite flowers. I love their colors and fragrances. I only get to enjoy them for a few weeks each spring, but I have noticed them popping up in supermarkets for an extended time. Often peonies do not like rain and they get mashed down and decay more quickly when … [Read more…]

May Wildflowers

The Big Ivy area near Barnardsville NC is known for its spring wildflowers that line the  gravel roads. It is easy pickings for photographers – little or no hiking. The only tricky part is finding parking and deciding on a subject. On one trip, there were 36 different wildflowers, but not all of them were … [Read more…]

Poppies by the Expressway

The North Carolina Department of Transportation planted fields of Poppies and Lupines near 2 different exit ramps that are a 10 minute drive from our house. I love poppies with their hairy stems and abstract petals and patterns. Most of the poppies are orange with a few pink thrown in. There are a few wildflowers … [Read more…]

Pink Lady Slippers

We live about 15 minutes from an entry to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Right off the access road is an area where Pink Lady slippers bloom every spring. I have been going up there every May for the past 5 years to photograph them. They are located right near a popular trail and I watch … [Read more…]

Walker Falls Revisited

  It rained for a week after my first visit to Walker Falls. I decided to return to see how it had changed. Since it was much wider and wilder. I was able to get a nice shot of the entire waterfalls. It had been raining overnight and it was overcast, so the colors were richly saturated. … [Read more…]

Walker Falls

My friends, Steve and Jenny visited Asheville this weekend from Charlotte. We often get together when they come to this area to photograph. Steve is especially fond of waterfalls and up to the point that I met him, I had not been actively seeking waterfalls to photograph. He has introduced my husband and me to … [Read more…]