Lizards & Banyan Trees

I found one of the Banyan trees in Boca Grande Florida seemed to be the home for several dozen Brown Anoles. Brown Anoles are shy and move quickly. Most of them were 6-8 inches long including their tail. I had to move slowly, take frequent stops, and have my camera raised so that they got … [Read more…]

The Mating Rituals of Turkeys

I have blogged about turkeys in a previous post.  They have been wandering around our yard all winter. They seem to really like the strawberry patch that we covered with straw. My husband has done a lot of raking straw back off the lawn and back into the bed. There have been very few turkey sightings … [Read more…]

Birds of the Slough

There were plenty of birds in Six Mile Cypress Slough. Most of them were hunting for their lunch. Many were too far away for me to get a get a detailed photo, but there were plenty near the boardwalk. They were running around in the swamp, which in many places was only about 6 inches … [Read more…]

Birds and Coquina Rocks

This egret showed up to enjoy the sunrise and fish. She flew quite close to me. I had on my regular telephoto lens – a Fuji 55-200mm which is the equivalent of a 100-330mm lens on a full frame camera, so she had to be close. You can see the organic shapes of years of wave … [Read more…]

Underwater at the Gardens

The reflections at the Italian Gardens create surreal photographs. I look for areas that have less debris and some cloud reflections to add texture. Lotus leaves are great subjects. The blossoms and seed pods are secondary subjects. The fish below is not taken with my Infrared camera, but the cloud reflections make me wonder if she is swimming through … [Read more…]

Surprised in Mississippi

My daughter and her family live in Oxford MS. We visit about 4 times a year. My grandson, Martin, who is 2 years old is always doing something new. Martin loves to play the ‘tar’, which he thinks of as his guitar, but it is actually a ukelele. He will sometimes sing too. I like tunnels of … [Read more…]

Charleston SC – Audubon Swamp

One of my favorite places at Magnolia Plantation is the Audubon Swamp. The name comes from John Audubon, who visited there to find bird specimens for his drawings. Audubon came to shoot birds, so that he could paint them. Most wildlife artists, pre civil war, would draw or paint stuffed birds. Audubon used fine shot to … [Read more…]

Wild Turkeys

Wild turkeys wander regularly through our neighborhood. Their families have probably lived here longer than we have. They are not the most attractive birds, but they are integrated with humans. This winter there were several groups that would occasionally join together into a rafter (according to James Lipton In his book on bird groupings, An Exaltation of … [Read more…]