Outer Banks Extreme Infrared

BAllen_01-2016-05-26_2We had very bright weather at the Outer Banks of North Carolina that started an hour after sunrise. This made for a good chance to photograph the patterns cast by the fences used to protect the dunes from erosion. I had to look for an interesting pattern that didn’t have too many of the grasses that are also planted to protect the dunes. I really like the diamond pattern created by this fence, but the grasses were too prominent for me. I started with the Silhouette preset in Silver Efex Pro and added a color filter and tweaked the sliders to come up with an image that I liked.

I was having so much fun that I decided to try a second photo. I first converted it to B&W in Silver Efex and then took it into NIK’s Analog Pro and used a blur preset that I tweaked and then returned to Photoshop and lowered the opacity of the preset until I got the look I wanted.


If you don’t already own the NIK Collection you can download it for free from Google. There are lots of free tutorials on Youtube to help you learn how to use it.

Do you prefer the more traditional treatment of the Outer Banks dunes in my previous posts https://blog.bonnieallenphoto.com/outer-banks-infrared/or do you like my more extreme approach today?

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