Spring Bulbs in the Conservatory

Easter is a good time to go to the conservatory for an early look at spring and celebration. I loved seeing this Easter Lily with half of its petals having fallen to the ground, showing off the green veining on the inside. There was an amaryllis left over from the winter with a lovely flow … [Read more…]


The Dogwood in the Asheville area had a rough spring. During blossoming the flowers were hit with several cold snaps. Many of the blossoms sustained some damage and there were fewer blossoms than last year. Damaged flowers are not as photogenic, but there are still may opportunities to be had, if the photographer has the patience to … [Read more…]

Water Drops and Calla lilies

I had very good luck at the conservatory today. I arrived after they had sprayed down the Calla Lilies and the water drops had begun to form larger drops in strategic places. I like how the tip of one lily is dripping into the cup of another lily. The one below had an unusual double … [Read more…]

Big Creek in the Smokies

There is always much speculation in the spring amongst photographers, botanists, and hikers as to when to visit Big Creek in the Smokies — in late March or early April. It is one of the first areas for wildflowers to bloom near Asheville. It is about an hour’s drive west on I-40 to the first … [Read more…]

An Ent at Magnolia Gardens

I found an Ent in Magnolia Gardens in Charleston SC. I have been searching out Ents ever since I was introduced to Tolkein by my 9th grade English teacher. Treebeard is my favorite character in Lord of the Rings. Tolkein describes Ents as more troll like, but I think that they vary upon where they … [Read more…]

Spring at the Botanical Garden

When you don’t have time to drive out in the wilderness, the Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina in Asheville is a great place for photography of native plants. They collect plants from the Appalachians and  have a very pleasing display with easy access from the parking lot and a series of paths that … [Read more…]

Early Spring

  I can’t resist the temptation to get out as soon as the spring bulbs begin to poke their heads out of the ground. It’s fun to try to get a new view of an old favorite. The above photo was one of a large grouping blooming in my daughter’s garden in Mississippi. Close-up it … [Read more…]

Star Magnolias

  This year was a good year for spring blooming magnolias. Many years there is what gardeners refer to as the Magnolia Frost. The blossoms come out and there is a spring freeze. We only get to enjoy the blossoms for a day or two and then the frost turns them brown. This year the Magnolia … [Read more…]

Surprised in Mississippi

My daughter and her family live in Oxford MS. We visit about 4 times a year. My grandson, Martin, who is 2 years old is always doing something new. Martin loves to play the ‘tar’, which he thinks of as his guitar, but it is actually a ukelele. He will sometimes sing too. I like tunnels of … [Read more…]

Charleston SC – Folly Beach

No trip to Charleston is complete without a visit to Folly Beach for sunrise. It has a photogenic wooden pier that adds interest to sunrise and if it is a dud sunrise like this one you can go under the pier and take photos of the waves around the pilings. I was about to leave, … [Read more…]