Outer Banks Sunrise


We spend a week at the Outer Banks of North Carolina in late May with 14-18 members of my extended family. We go the week before rental rates go up to summer pricing. I like to get up early and walk on the beach when few people are around. There is no pier in this area to add interest to a sunrise photo, so I always hope for spectacular clouds. Unfortunately, there were few clouds this year and not many photos to be had. Two mornings before we left, I had given up hope for a great sunrise and not been in a hurry to get down to the beach. I happened to wake up a few minutes before sunrise, looked out the window and saw rays emanating from the horizon along with beautiful clouds. I grabbed my camera and ran down to the beach just in time for the sunrise.


As the light became too bright to photograph the sunrise, I began to check the sky in other directions. The clouds were making an interesting gesture 90 degrees to the sunrise.


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