Red Flowers

I found an interesting shaped Gerber Daisy in the new supermarket that opened in town. I also got free yogurt for letting someone carry my groceries to my car. I always check the flowers when I go into grocery stores to see if they have any interesting shapes or extraordinary features. This one had petals … [Read more…]

Top Ten of 2016 – Part 1

This begins the second year of my blog. I’m starting the year the same way I did last year with with my Top Ten of the previous year. I learned this technique from one of my mentors, Martin Bailey. You can click on the link if you would like to try his process. I find … [Read more…]

Water Drops and Calla lilies

I had very good luck at the conservatory today. I arrived after they had sprayed down the Calla Lilies and the water drops had begun to form larger drops in strategic places. I like how the tip of one lily is dripping into the cup of another lily. The one below had an unusual double … [Read more…]

Big Creek in the Smokies

There is always much speculation in the spring amongst photographers, botanists, and hikers as to when to visit Big Creek in the Smokies — in late March or early April. It is one of the first areas for wildflowers to bloom near Asheville. It is about an hour’s drive west on I-40 to the first … [Read more…]

Spring at the Botanical Garden

When you don’t have time to drive out in the wilderness, the Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina in Asheville is a great place for photography of native plants. They collect plants from the Appalachians and  have a very pleasing display with easy access from the parking lot and a series of paths that … [Read more…]

Star Magnolias

  This year was a good year for spring blooming magnolias. Many years there is what gardeners refer to as the Magnolia Frost. The blossoms come out and there is a spring freeze. We only get to enjoy the blossoms for a day or two and then the frost turns them brown. This year the Magnolia … [Read more…]