Boca Grande

Boca Grande was a 2 hour drive from where we were staying on Captiva Island. We came here because of the photography opportunities. It is an historical town with lots of old stores and entertainment for tourists. People staying there are encouraged to ride around in electric golf carts, so it is quiet and laid … [Read more…]

Slough in Black and White

As I said in the previous post, the Six Mile Cypress Slough in Ft Myers Florida is full of challenges for a photographer since there is a huge mix of all things swampy and natural. One of my favorite ways to tame things down is to use my Infrared camera and convert my photos to black … [Read more…]

Walk in Local Park

Someone that we met in a coffee shop told us about this local park that was right in the town of Flagler Beach. It had a walkway above a swamp to the inland waterway. We saw a sparse number of trees along the boardwalk plus birds strutting through the shallow water. We could see banks … [Read more…]

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine, Florida is the oldest masonry fort in the US. It is built of coquina rock and cement which made it fire proof as well as strong.  It took 23 years to build and was finished in 1692. You can see the meticulous construction on the watchtower, framed in my … [Read more…]

Washington Oaks Beach

We came to Florida for some winter photography. My husband grew up in Florida until he was 14 years old and I had only been there once to the Orlando area. We had signed up for a workshop on Sanibel and Captiva Islands, with our friend Les Saucier, but also wanted to explore some other areas to … [Read more…]

Fall at the Italian Gardens

Fall is a good time to visit the Italian Gardens. The gardens are less packed with plants and it is easier to isolate a subject. It was supposed to be mostly cloudy, but it was mostly sunny and very bright, so I used my Infrared camera, which works well in bright conditions and really shows … [Read more…]

Underwater at the Gardens

The reflections at the Italian Gardens create surreal photographs. I look for areas that have less debris and some cloud reflections to add texture. Lotus leaves are great subjects. The blossoms and seed pods are secondary subjects. The fish below is not taken with my Infrared camera, but the cloud reflections make me wonder if she is swimming through … [Read more…]

More Water Lilies

I love the way Infrared shows the texture and lines of the Lily pads. You can see how the light varied between the 2 different days that these where photographed. Also not all water lilies have the same leaves. Some are more textured, others are spotted and some are prone to spots like the one … [Read more…]