Outer Banks Infrared


I have been to this area of the Outer Banks many times. This year the weather was too overcast or too bright for color photography to be very compelling, so I decided to get out my infrared camera. Infrared cameras render the foliage white and bring out texture in foliage, clouds and reflections. I like it because I am photographing things hidden from view that are beyond the human visual spectrum. I like the magical feel of the boardwalk.

The next two photos are a horizontal and a vertical composition of the same sand dune. Which do you like better?



To push this idea of magical places further, I started with a preset that I don’t usually use in Silver Efex, called Silhouette, added a colored filter and played with the sliders.



    • slowhiker

      I am torn between the 2. I like the clouds in the vertical, but I like the dunes on the horizontal. Thanks for replying.

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