Boca Grande

Boca Grande was a 2 hour drive from where we were staying on Captiva Island. We came here because of the photography opportunities. It is an historical town with lots of old stores and entertainment for tourists. People staying there are encouraged to ride around in electric golf carts, so it is quiet and laid … [Read more…]

Cayo Costa State Park

One of my favorite things we did on our Florida trip in January was our ferry boat ride to Cayo Costa State Park. Cayo Costa is only accessible by ferry or private boat. There are no roads or bridges.  It is about a half hour boat ride from Captiva Island to Cayo Costa. The ride was … [Read more…]

Red Flowers

I found an interesting shaped Gerber Daisy in the new supermarket that opened in town. I also got free yogurt for letting someone carry my groceries to my car. I always check the flowers when I go into grocery stores to see if they have any interesting shapes or extraordinary features. This one had petals … [Read more…]

Mare’s Tails in Winter

I have heard these waterfalls called both Mare’s Tails and Rooster’s Tails. This day they reminded me more of mares running and their tails streaming out in the wind. The rock formation in the stream bed causes the water to arch up and fall back down so that it looks like a tail. They create … [Read more…]

Top Ten 2016 – Part 2

Today’s photo picks are all waterfalls. The first was taken at the end of about an hour standing in a stream trying all different sections of Eastatoe Falls. I was trying to decide what else to do and came up with the idea of trying Intentional Camera Movement or ICM, which to me gives the … [Read more…]

Water Lilies in Fall

I don’t usually enjoy photographing in bright sunlight. It was supposed to be a cloudy day, but there were no clouds for the sun to go behind. My husband pointed out that there were interesting abstracts to find.  I used my Fuji 55-200mm lens to zero in on this abstract of the Giant Water Lily … [Read more…]

Underwater at the Gardens

The reflections at the Italian Gardens create surreal photographs. I look for areas that have less debris and some cloud reflections to add texture. Lotus leaves are great subjects. The blossoms and seed pods are secondary subjects. The fish below is not taken with my Infrared camera, but the cloud reflections make me wonder if she is swimming through … [Read more…]