Birds of the Slough

There were plenty of birds in Six Mile Cypress Slough. Most of them were hunting for their lunch. Many were too far away for me to get a get a detailed photo, but there were plenty near the boardwalk. They were running around in the swamp, which in many places was only about 6 inches … [Read more…]

Slough in Black and White

As I said in the previous post, the Six Mile Cypress Slough in Ft Myers Florida is full of challenges for a photographer since there is a huge mix of all things swampy and natural. One of my favorite ways to tame things down is to use my Infrared camera and convert my photos to black … [Read more…]

Six Mile Cypress Slough

The Six mile Cypress Slough (pronounced ‘slew’) is located in Ft Myers Florida. A slough is a wetland that naturally purifies water as it flows slowly through it. It also is able to hold water to keep areas downstream from flooding in times of excessive rain. Six Mile was saved from rampant development during the building … [Read more…]

February Hike

I was going to call this blog post Winter Hike, but it was 70 degrees this past Sunday when we went on this hike and it didn’t feel like winter to me. My son was visiting from the Chicago area and it felt even warmer to him. I took my camera with my Lensbaby Sweet … [Read more…]

Walk in Local Park

Someone that we met in a coffee shop told us about this local park that was right in the town of Flagler Beach. It had a walkway above a swamp to the inland waterway. We saw a sparse number of trees along the boardwalk plus birds strutting through the shallow water. We could see banks … [Read more…]

Castillo de San Marcos

Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine, Florida is the oldest masonry fort in the US. It is built of coquina rock and cement which made it fire proof as well as strong.  It took 23 years to build and was finished in 1692. You can see the meticulous construction on the watchtower, framed in my … [Read more…]

Birds and Coquina Rocks

This egret showed up to enjoy the sunrise and fish. She flew quite close to me. I had on my regular telephoto lens – a Fuji 55-200mm which is the equivalent of a 100-330mm lens on a full frame camera, so she had to be close. You can see the organic shapes of years of wave … [Read more…]