Walker Falls Revisited



It rained for a week after my first visit to Walker Falls. I decided to return to see how it had changed. Since it was much wider and wilder. I was able to get a nice shot of the entire waterfalls. It had been raining overnight and it was overcast, so the colors were richly saturated.  Kevin Adams in his book North Carolina Waterfalls, is not that fond of Walker Falls and suggests it is only worthy of photographing in the spring and becomes too overgrown in the summer. It does have tree branches over parts of the falls, but I used the trees in my compositions. I plan to visit it this summer to see what it looks like. I have the older edition of his book and the 3rd edition is recently available.

I decided to again photograph a smaller section. This section has an Easter Island statue look alike in the rocks in the falls that was nicely highlighted by the greater volume of water. Can you find it?


On the way back down FS74 I stopped at a smaller, unnamed falls. I like the combination of the 3 falls. The top falls is about 12 feet tall and the bottom falls are 1-2 feet tall.



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