Top Ten 2016 – Part 2

Today’s photo picks are all waterfalls. The first was taken at the end of about an hour standing in a stream trying all different sections of Eastatoe Falls. I was trying to decide what else to do and came up with the idea of trying Intentional Camera Movement or ICM, which to me gives the … [Read more…]

Top Ten of 2016 – Part 1

This begins the second year of my blog. I’m starting the year the same way I did last year with with my Top Ten of the previous year. I learned this technique from one of my mentors, Martin Bailey. You can click on the link if you would like to try his process. I find … [Read more…]

Water Lilies in Fall

I don’t usually enjoy photographing in bright sunlight. It was supposed to be a cloudy day, but there were no clouds for the sun to go behind. My husband pointed out that there were interesting abstracts to find.  I used my Fuji 55-200mm lens to zero in on this abstract of the Giant Water Lily … [Read more…]

Brandywine Falls

We stayed with my sister, who lives in a picturesque, small town south of Cleveland OH, while spending the week-end celebrating my aunt’s 96th birthday. My sister took us to Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. She was happy to take a break from her busy life and sit on a bench enjoying the … [Read more…]

Fall at the Italian Gardens

Fall is a good time to visit the Italian Gardens. The gardens are less packed with plants and it is easier to isolate a subject. It was supposed to be mostly cloudy, but it was mostly sunny and very bright, so I used my Infrared camera, which works well in bright conditions and really shows … [Read more…]

Underwater at the Gardens

The reflections at the Italian Gardens create surreal photographs. I look for areas that have less debris and some cloud reflections to add texture. Lotus leaves are great subjects. The blossoms and seed pods are secondary subjects. The fish below is not taken with my Infrared camera, but the cloud reflections make me wonder if she is swimming through … [Read more…]

More Water Lilies

I love the way Infrared shows the texture and lines of the Lily pads. You can see how the light varied between the 2 different days that these where photographed. Also not all water lilies have the same leaves. Some are more textured, others are spotted and some are prone to spots like the one … [Read more…]

Water Lilies

The water lilies at the Italian Gardens are prolific this year. I like to go on a partly cloudy day to take advantage of the reflections. I usually use my Infrared camera here because the Lilies don’t open until after 8:30 am and it can be very bright by then. This day it was more … [Read more…]