Trees Reaching for Clouds

These trees are right along the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to Mt. Pisgah. I drive past them many times on the way up and down the Parkway. I watch this set of trees to see if I can make a good photo out of them, watching for them to have an exciting background … [Read more…]

When Nature Gives You Lemons…

We went to Charleston SC to take an astrophotography workshop with Alistair Nicol and Tommy White at The workshop was held when there was no moon and in the spring when there is less haze from the humidity, both of which increase the chances for clear views of the Milky Way. We went to the Charleston area … [Read more…]

Iceland – My Favorite Waterfalls

This waterfalls is a photographer’s dream. It was the last excursion day of our twelve days in Iceland. I am using the plural because it was a series of waterfalls that goes on for 900m or over half a mile and there are many lovely cascades to chose to photograph within that half mile. The waterfalls … [Read more…]

Weather Makes a Difference

One of my favorite and most transformative activities that I did all year was my trip to Iceland with my husband, Chris. We went on a photo tour where everything was taken care of-our food, transportation and accommodations. The only thing that we had to worry about was taking hopefully great photos, in the amazing … [Read more…]