Iceland – My Favorite Waterfalls

Iceland Waterfalls – Hraunfossar

This waterfalls is a photographer’s dream. It was the last excursion day of our twelve days in Iceland. I am using the plural because it was a series of waterfalls that goes on for 900m or over half a mile and there are many lovely cascades to chose to photograph within that half mile. The waterfalls arise from rivulets flowing from the edge of a lava flow and into the Hvita River. We were very fortunate to photograph in the fall when the color seemed to be at its peak. It was also raining which makes the colors pop more.

This river basin had the largest number of  trees that we saw in our trip and the best colors. Iceland is short on trees. Legend has it that the Vikings cut them all down for building or firewood and then sheep grazing made sure that they didn’t grow back. We were told an old Icelandic joke on the drive from the airport. What do you do if you get lost in a forest in Iceland? You stand up.

Below are some of the larger sections of the waterfalls, but I prefer the more intimate scene above: