Trees Reaching for Clouds

Trees Reaching for Clouds

These trees are right along the Blue Ridge Parkway on the way to Mt. Pisgah. I drive past them many times on the way up and down the Parkway. I watch this set of trees to see if I can make a good photo out of them, watching for them to have an exciting background or do something interesting. I have photographed them before and I probably will photograph them again.

They are above 5000 ft elevation, which is high on the east coast. It tends to be more windy and cold up there. It is  a generally a harsher climate than most of North Carolina. That is why it is so surprising to see such tall, thin trees. Most trees at this elevation are short and hardy.

I liked the way the trees are leaning into the wind into the same direction as the clouds coming off Mt. Pisgah. It is an infrared image, which really emphasizes the textures of the clouds.

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