Weather Makes a Difference

Kalfafell Mountain

One of my favorite and most transformative activities that I did all year was my trip to Iceland with my husband, Chris. We went on a photo tour where everything was taken care of-our food, transportation and accommodations. The only thing that we had to worry about was taking hopefully great photos, in the amazing places that we visited.

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Chris takes a low shot

We stopped at Kalfafell mountain twice – once on the way across the southern shore of Iceland and once on the way back. It is right by the road and stunning in any weather. The first time it had more of an overcast sky, but enough detail for an interesting sky and reflection. I much prefer my shot on the way back when the mists were partially hiding the mountain and creating an air of mystery.

weather, clouds, water, blue, mountains, Kalfafell, Iceland, Bonnie Allen Photo

Three days earlier