Boca Grande Bamboos

I found a small forest of lime green bamboos near the street of Banyan trees in Boca Grande Florida. The sunlight was quite bright by this time of the morning, so I had to line the bamboo stalks up so the bright light did not shine between the stalks and steal all the attention.  I enjoyed … [Read more…]

Lizards & Banyan Trees

I found one of the Banyan trees in Boca Grande Florida seemed to be the home for several dozen Brown Anoles. Brown Anoles are shy and move quickly. Most of them were 6-8 inches long including their tail. I had to move slowly, take frequent stops, and have my camera raised so that they got … [Read more…]

Boca Grande

Boca Grande was a 2 hour drive from where we were staying on Captiva Island. We came here because of the photography opportunities. It is an historical town with lots of old stores and entertainment for tourists. People staying there are encouraged to ride around in electric golf carts, so it is quiet and laid … [Read more…]

Cayo Costa State Park

One of my favorite things we did on our Florida trip in January was our ferry boat ride to Cayo Costa State Park. Cayo Costa is only accessible by ferry or private boat. There are no roads or bridges.  It is about a half hour boat ride from Captiva Island to Cayo Costa. The ride was … [Read more…]

The Mating Rituals of Turkeys

I have blogged about turkeys in a previous post.  They have been wandering around our yard all winter. They seem to really like the strawberry patch that we covered with straw. My husband has done a lot of raking straw back off the lawn and back into the bed. There have been very few turkey sightings … [Read more…]

Red Flowers

I found an interesting shaped Gerber Daisy in the new supermarket that opened in town. I also got free yogurt for letting someone carry my groceries to my car. I always check the flowers when I go into grocery stores to see if they have any interesting shapes or extraordinary features. This one had petals … [Read more…]

Birds of the Slough

There were plenty of birds in Six Mile Cypress Slough. Most of them were hunting for their lunch. Many were too far away for me to get a get a detailed photo, but there were plenty near the boardwalk. They were running around in the swamp, which in many places was only about 6 inches … [Read more…]

Slough in Black and White

As I said in the previous post, the Six Mile Cypress Slough in Ft Myers Florida is full of challenges for a photographer since there is a huge mix of all things swampy and natural. One of my favorite ways to tame things down is to use my Infrared camera and convert my photos to black … [Read more…]

Six Mile Cypress Slough

The Six mile Cypress Slough (pronounced ‘slew’) is located in Ft Myers Florida. A slough is a wetland that naturally purifies water as it flows slowly through it. It also is able to hold water to keep areas downstream from flooding in times of excessive rain. Six Mile was saved from rampant development during the building … [Read more…]