Surprised in Mississippi


My daughter and her family live in Oxford MS. We visit about 4 times a year. My grandson, Martin, who is 2 years old is always doing something new. Martin loves to play the ‘tar’, which he thinks of as his guitar, but it is actually a ukelele. He will sometimes sing too.


I like tunnels of trees and found this one last fall about 2 miles from their house and decided to see what it looked like in the spring. It turned out to be cherry trees in full blossom at Easter. We drove by checking to see where we could park to make some photos and then turned around on a gravel road to continue our scout of the trees. There were some unusual miniature burros and further down the road we came to the unexpected – a herd of 5 zebras in Mississippi farmland. We returned the next day to show my grandson and son-in-law, who thought that we had made up a story. I liked the relationship between these 2 zebras.


Martin was new to blowing the seeds off of dandelions, so we practiced a lot. I was able to get a photo at the same time, which was not easy. The background was boring, so I added a texture using Topaz Texture Effects. I like the gesture of being carefree in this dandelion.