The Dogwood in the Asheville area had a rough spring. During blossoming the flowers were hit with several cold snaps. Many of the blossoms sustained some damage and there were fewer blossoms than last year. Damaged flowers are not as photogenic, but there are still may opportunities to be had, if the photographer has the patience to look in different areas.

We decided to go to Beaver Lake after noticing many blooms on the trees near the water, when driving past. It was a windy day, so there was a lot of waiting between blasts to get a photo where the Dogwood trees were not moving. Positioning with the lake in the background helped provide a calming background.


Near the end of the morning shoot, the wind was almost constant, so I decided to make wind and movement part of the image. Since there was nothing in this photo that was completely in focus, I decided to take it into Topaz Impressions to increase the painterly appearance. I wanted it to still look like a photo, so I lowered the opacity on the filter. Do you like the painterly effect?