Red Flowers

I found an interesting shaped Gerber Daisy in the new supermarket that opened in town. I also got free yogurt for letting someone carry my groceries to my car. I always check the flowers when I go into grocery stores to see if they have any interesting shapes or extraordinary features. This one had petals sticking straight up and parallel to each other which showed off the yellow on the underside of the petals as well making for a different point of interest in the center. If the weather is not too cold and windy, I like to photograph outside on my front porch to get the nice natural light of the late afternoon sun.  The Nandina bushes in front of the porch give a pleasing green background.

After my photography session, I forgot about them for several days. I went out after it had rained and the sun was beginning to shine again and took this photo. I included some of the Nandina berries in the background to mirror the red of the  flower.