Boca Grande

Boca Grande was a 2 hour drive from where we were staying on Captiva Island. We came here because of the photography opportunities. It is an historical town with lots of old stores and entertainment for tourists. People staying there are encouraged to ride around in electric golf carts, so it is quiet and laid back. My favorite area to photograph turned out to be a street lined with many old and eccentric Banyan Trees. The roots and auxiliary roots form unusual patterns and the trees have wide variations. In the first photo, I used the Banyan trees to frame the Palmetto trees. It is taken with my Infrared converted camera which renders the foliage white and really draws the viewer’s eye into the trees.

The next photo shows the patterns of the aerial roots. I like the way the roots tie the leaves to the tree. The graffiti adds interesting texture.

The last photo shows a strange creature lurking in the row of Banyan trees. Can you see it?

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