Wild Turkeys

A Rafter

A Rafter

Wild turkeys wander regularly through our neighborhood. Their families have probably lived here longer than we have. They are not the most attractive birds, but they are integrated with humans. This winter there were several groups that would occasionally join together into a rafter (according to James Lipton In his book on bird groupings, An Exaltation of Larks) of over 20 birds. They wander though our yards snacking. I always hope that they are eating the insects that I would rather not have in our yard, but according to the internet they tend to eat things like acorns.

Posing Turkeys

Posing Turkeys

Usually turkeys turn their backs to me when I stand there or approach with a camera. Sometimes they melt into the woods. Often the background is distracting because they like to blend in. The two turkeys in the above photo, posed nicely for me on variegated leaves, so I used Topaz Impression on the leaves to tone them down a little. The turkey below was trying to impress the hens.

I wish I had my camera one afternoon when I walked out the back door and turkeys kept flying out of the trees 2 or 3 at a time and running away. I had always wondered where they sleep.


Courting Turkey


  1. I love the courting pose, Bonnie! I have not seen a turkey look like that! I posted a photo this week of a yellow crested night heron with courting plumage this week. Great minds….

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