My Favorite Lenses: Lensbaby Double Glass



My first Lensbaby lens was a Double Glass. Lensbaby is a small company in Portland OR that makes special effects lenses. Their motto is ‘See in a new way’. Instead of customer support, they have customer happiness. Thier lenses connect to¬†many popular camera bodies using a Composer Pro, which holds their various lenses like Double Glass, Pinhole, Plastic and the more recent Sweet 35 and Sweet 50. It also bends which moves the ‘sweet spot’ or area of focus and gives more blurred effects. A little bend can give a lot of blur. It takes experimentation and practice. You also have to be able to photograph using manual settings on your camera. It is not a lens for those who enjoy automatic focus.


The Double Glass is one of their earlier style lenses that have insertable aperture rings that are changed using a magnetic stick.


This is one of my first lensbaby photographs that I was happy with and it shows the results of bending the lens. This photo was taken in January. Through blurring, it transforms the dead leaves into something magical.


Using a lensbaby with a large aperture can create a painterly effect and a lovely bokeh.


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