Washington Oaks Beach

We came to Florida for some winter photography. My husband grew up in Florida until he was 14 years old and I had only been there once to the Orlando area. We had signed up for a workshop on Sanibel and Captiva Islands, with our friend┬áLes Saucier,┬ábut also wanted to explore some other areas to … [Read more…]

Ice Melt

We only had about an hour and a half to photograph. The temperature was warming up fast and the snow was melting. The sun came out and it was getting very bright which makes it hard to photograph snow and ice. We knew that not much would be left by late afternoon when the angle … [Read more…]

Minimalist Ice

The real question in photography is what is the most important element – what draws the photographer into the scene? Looking at this issue from the other side, the question would be what don’t we need in the scene. When we see with our eyes, our brain cleans up the scene and automatically minimizes or … [Read more…]


This has been a fairly warm winter, but in mid-January, we finally got some snow. As it often happens around here in winter the roads are too dangerous to drive on when it snows, so we hunkered down for 2 days until it started to warm up. It had not been warm enough to freeze … [Read more…]

Mare’s Tails in Winter

I have heard these waterfalls called both Mare’s Tails and Rooster’s Tails. This day they reminded me more of mares running and their tails streaming out in the wind. The rock formation in the stream bed causes the water to arch up and fall back down so that it looks like a tail. They create … [Read more…]

Top Ten 2016 – Part 2

Today’s photo picks are all waterfalls. The first was taken at the end of about an hour standing in a stream trying all different sections of Eastatoe Falls. I was trying to decide what else to do and came up with the idea of trying Intentional Camera Movement or ICM, which to me gives the … [Read more…]

Brandywine Falls

We stayed with my sister, who lives in a picturesque, small town south of Cleveland OH, while spending the week-end celebrating my aunt’s 96th birthday. My sister took us to Brandywine Falls in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. She was happy to take a break from her busy life and sit on a bench enjoying the … [Read more…]

More Water Lilies

I love the way Infrared shows the texture and lines of the Lily pads. You can see how the light varied between the 2 different days that these where photographed. Also not all water lilies have the same leaves. Some are more textured, others are spotted and some are prone to spots like the one … [Read more…]

Fog at Graveyard Fields

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am always searching for interesting or unusual clouds. The Blue Ridge Parkway south out of Asheville is a good place to search. It can be cloudy, rainy or foggy up there when it is fine weather in Asheville. It was partly cloudy when I headed up in … [Read more…]