Fog at Graveyard Fields


If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am always searching for interesting or unusual clouds. The Blue Ridge Parkway south out of Asheville is a good place to search. It can be cloudy, rainy or foggy up there when it is fine weather in Asheville. It was partly cloudy when I headed up in elevation. I only got as far as Graveyard Fields because it became too foggy to see much. At Graveyard Fields I watched as the fog changed shape and occasionally the sun broke through.

There was not much variation in color between the fog and extreme greenness of the mountains in Summer, so I used my Infrared camera for most of the photos.


I decided to take a few color photos because there were some small yellow flowers on tall plants in the foreground near the overlook. I used Topaz Impressions to bring out more of the color in the photo and because it felt more like a painting to me. I always lower the opacity of the plugin to keep some of the qualities of the original photograph.