Pixie forest in June


I try to visit the Pixie Forest once a month starting in the Spring when the leaves and grasses emerge until they return to the earth in the Fall. Pixie Forest will not appear on maps of the Blue Ridge Parkway, but is well known by local nature photographers. All you have to do is drive north on the BRP to the Greybeard Overlook and go a short way up the path (Mountain to Sea Trail) to the left of the parking area. Including the path in the photo is a good way to lead viewers through your image. The winds through the grasses also create patterns to help lead the eye. Be careful not to trample the grasses because that can create problem areas in subsequent photographs.

Before of after you visit Pixie Forest, be sure to check to see if there are any photos to create around the Overlook. There can be interesting cloud formations.



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