More Poppies


I find it hard to not stop at the roadside to photograph the poppies. There is such a variety of shapes and a few surprising colors mixed in with all the bright orange. I am not the only one that enjoys the poppies. I found this cute Jumping Spider staring at me as I took the photo. Jumping Spiders have the best eyesight in the spider kingdom and really do check out people

It is getting on in the poppy life cycle and there are many poppies that have lost their petals and some that are just seed pods. In the lower poppy photo, the flower was still attractive without the petals and I liked the pair of seed pods in the background.




  1. Angela

    Yikes! I think if I saw that spider and knew that it could jump, I’d jump the other way.

    • slowhiker

      I see them around a lot and have never had one jump at me. I think that their good eye sight informs them that we are too big to be prey.

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