Eastatoe Falls in Winter


After several cold spells, the weather last weekend was supposed to be warmish for winter in the mountains. Some friends from Charlotte suggested that we meet-up and photograph waterfalls. Waterfalls seemed like a good idea because we could focus on the water and try to avoid the dead looking vegetation. The weather was overcast making it possible to photograph the waterfall in midday. We started with Eastatoe Falls because it is easy to get to and has many graceful cascades within it. I planned to be able to zoom in and avoid most of the vegetation. I also brought along my knee high rubber boots, so that I could wade into shallow water and get a good angle.

I brought a tripod so that I could use long exposures and have silky looking water without camera movement. What I forgot to bring was my L bracket that attaches my camera to my tripod, so I could only lean my camera on my tripod and hold my breath. I did manage to get some non-blurry photos. Plus the subject matter was more forgiving than some.


I enjoyed playing around with my photos in various editing programs. The one above was edited in MacPhun’s Tonality Pro. The one below had wild water, so I went more artsy and edited in Topaz Impression. Which style do you prefer?