Clematis is a very strange name for a beautiful flower. The plural is tricky to say РClematises. The Clematises in our yard come to us from a former owner of our house. They have been blooming reliably every spring for the 11 years that we have lived here. They are a lot of fun to photograph. This year, I decided to use my Trioplan 100/f2.8.  This is a lens that I can use when the flowers are hard to get close to. It also works well with the light source coming from behind, bright, but not too bright. I photographed them for an hour in changing light. Some of my favorite light occurred when near the end of the hour, just before it got to bright to make a good photograph. The top photo was an early shot and the lower 2 were taken later, when the light got brighter. Which background appeals more to you?




  1. Bonnie,
    loving the Bokeh. I think the background on the 1st photo and the 3rd photo are better, slightly darker to contrast against the light coloured flower.

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