Charleston SC – Botany Bay


Botany Bay is a favorite spot for photographers to take sunrise shots. It is known for these dead trees or boneyard, that are often in the surf. There used to be three trees, but a winter storm this year took one out to sea or added it to the many trees littering the beach. I miss the tree. It gave more balance to the scene.

Botany Bay used to be open 1 hour before sunrise to 1 hour after sunset. To the dismay of photographers, they reduced the opening time to half an hour before sunrise. You need to be there when the gate opens to race to the beach. There is a 2 mile bumpy ride to beach parking and a 15 minute walk to the beach. Locals bring bicycles to get there more quickly. This leaves only a short window of time for photography, but it is a beautiful and unspoiled by any sign of resorts. Shells must remain on the beach with threat of a fine.

There were not many clouds the morning we arrived at the beach and it got bright quickly. I was able to use my infrared camera to expand my shooting time. I liked the play of surf and shadows in this palm tree boneyard.


I continued to use my infrared camera on the walk through the swamps back to the car. This beautiful Live Oak creates a window into a secret stream world.